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Maistar company is the famous company in middle east around Digital Receivers technology istar was founded 2006 working till now.

ISTAR is largest Digital TV Reception equipment manufacturer in Iraq and one of 10 largest in middle-east as ISTAR Tech and Satellite Systems by proof of national trade center.

our headquarter is located in Erbil, Iraq in which products for middle-east market produced

all receivers has one or more than one year Warranty

The company also provides engineering consulting services

related to communication systems design and analysis, digital, software, and mechanical design services. In addition, all Digital Receivers is have modern technology

ISTAR deals with most competitive markets in the world, and our products are very well known at Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East markets, used latest technology to enhance your operations and well after sale service. We professionally produce OEM/ISTAR labeling, provide best service, and shipping according to our customers’ requirements.

We have Best shop in the word for istar korea Receiver and Online tv, our Sale its all save and fast.

you can find all what you want with us, iStar Online tv, iStar Receiver, iStar Accessories, you will sind the best price with us for all iStar Product.

Online TV

Online Tv Deep knowledge in digital video sphere and technologies led us to creation of advanced system that can receive satellite-based signals and broadcast it to subscribers via Internet. These technologies allow to watch any kind of TV Satellite channels,All you need is ISTAR Receiver with Internet access. We understand how you need to watch many channels and you can’t get it ISTAR is your choice for watch this channel you want to show, so we try to get make better Online Tv and increase channels day by day.



We ship all our Order for all Sat Receiver or accessories after 24 hour by DHL.

inside Germany its take 1-2 days work.

inside Europe its take 5-7 days work.

world wide its take 10-14 days work.


about Online tv Code we will send it to you btween 1-24 hour not more by mail.




We don`t accept any return for the Online tv codes.

for Sat Receiver just if its have problem or broken you can contact us and send it back not more than 10 days after contact our support.




All our Sat Receiver and Codes have One year guarantee.


We send all our shipment by DHL, its Save and faster


we don`t accept any return for codes or Receiver just if its broken.

24 / 7 SUPPORT

we have best support give our help to you all the time.


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E-Mail: infos@istar-4k.com